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The Penguin Prompting Party 2011: Day Twenty-One

Title: Alternate Universes
Rating: T
Word Count: 528
Summary: Lisbon is excited, and Jane is curious.
Prompt: Alternate Universe; Teresa Lisbon and Dana Scully (friendship); The Mentalist/X-Files
Written for spyglass, happy holidays! <3
Note: I plan on writing something big using this prompt for you, but for right now...I can only fill mini prompts. After the new year, I'm going to revisit this specific prompt and write a full-length story for you. :)


   “Did the hot mailman bring you letters?” Jane asked, as he slipped into Lisbon’s office. Lisbon merely glanced up from the white envelope she held to stare at him, the hint of a smile still on her face. “From the way you aren’t glaring to kill me right now, I’d wager no. You got something good in the mail then?”

Lisbon sighed. “I don’t understand your interest in my mail, Jane.”

Jane playfully frowned. “I’m just making sure you’re not talking to strangers, Lisbon. People are dangerous.” Lisbon rolled her eyes.

            “If it makes you leave me alone; I can promise you that I’m not receiving letters from strangers or serial killers.” She added at his stare. “I’m receiving mail from a college friend.”

            “Does this college friend have a name?” Jane questioned. “Or do you just write letters with ‘Dear College Friend’ at the header?”

            “Don’t be ridiculous, Jane.” Lisbon scoffed. “She has a name. I sign my letters Teresa, and she signs her Dana.”

Jane grinned. “Dana? I didn’t know you had a friend named Dana.”

            “What is wrong with the name Dana?” Lisbon asked him. “Actually…what is your problem with any name beginning with the letter D?” Jane innocently smiled. “You’ve been skirting around the letter all week.”  

            “D is an irritating letter, really.” Jane explained. “It’s a backwards C, with a line drawn through it. Why wouldn’t you naturally get annoyed?”

            “You have way too much time on your hands.” Lisbon responded, before she glanced back down at her letter.

            “You’re happy.” Jane announced to her, and she glanced at him. “I should thank her. You don’t smile very often, anymore.”

Lisbon grimaced. “What do you mean I don’t smile? I smiled yesterday!”

            “You smiled because you pinched me.”

            “I pinched you because you were misbehaving.”

            “In some countries, I could send you to jail for that.” Jane told her, and Lisbon rolled her eyes again. “So, did Dana have any good words of wisdom to depart today?”

            “Yes, she did.” Lisbon replied. “She told me how I should handle you; I admit the ideas are tempting…if not illegal.”  

            “Obviously, you aren’t going to tell me.”

            “Obviously, you’re right.” Lisbon responded. “This is my private mail—you don’t need to know what it says.”

            “I’ll admit; a college friend of yours has intrigued my interests.” Jane gave. “I’m sure you were a wild college girl.” Lisbon shook her head. “Have I ever met her?”


            “Will I ever meet her?”

Lisbon glanced back down at her letter. “She wrote about visiting California in two weeks for a work thing. It would be nice to see her again.” Lisbon grew pensive, and Jane grinned in response.

            “She obviously wants to visit you, you want to visit her, and I want to meet her…” Lisbon glared. “I think this arrangement works for all three of us.”

            “Who said anything about you meeting her, Jane?”

            “I did, of course.” Jane announced. “Any friend of yours is a friend of mine.”

            “You just want to hear about my supposedly wild college days.”

            “Well, there is that also.” Jane gave with a smile and Lisbon couldn’t help but laugh.

Tags: character: dana scully, character: patrick jane, character: teresa lisbon, fandom: the mentalist, fandom: the x-files, the penguin prompting party 2011
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