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Penguin Prompting Party: Day Twenty-Two

Title: The Placing of Guilt
Rating: T
Word Count: 323
Summary: Her guilt is nothing more than a Band-Aid; something she can get rid of at anytime.
Prompt: "Jane wasn't meant to carry the blame, she was."
Character: Teresa Lisbon
Written for frogster_15, who is an awesome person for being so patient. :D


Lisbon pauses the screen on her computer, and allows herself yet another shot of tequila as she tries not to focus on the face of her co-worker (and friend), who is currently frozen mid-sentence on her office computer.

She knows it isn’t wise (or responsible, for that matter) to drink at work, but nobody is around and nobody is left—not to stop her from pouring another glass and certainly not to witness her falling apart.

Minelli is retired. Bosco is dead. Jane is burying his self in the newly regained Red John file. Everybody else has already left for the night, and her only company within the dimmed and sealed office is an interrogation tape, a shot glass of tequila, a half-empty bottle of Sam’s favorite, and guilt.

The guilt is something she and Jane share, an almost invisible set of chains which wrap around the both of them.

She cannot argue that he carries more guilt—the deaths of his wife and daughter have changed him, but there are some things he should not blame himself for; the slaughter of Bosco and his unit is one of those things, yet Rebecca has given the man an unneeded second set of chains.

In his haze of guilt, Jane will never see that Rebecca pulled the trigger. He will also never consider the hand Minelli played by hiring the team in, and Jane will never see that the deaths are truly her fault.

She glances back down at the screen to stare at his face. “It’s not right.” Her voice is low, and she feels raw. “I should be the one carrying it, not you.” She tilts back another shot, and waits for the alcohol haze to cloud her mind.

Because when it finally does, she can pretend that she is completely fine and act as if her guilt is nothing more than a Band-Aid; something she can get rid of at any time.

Tags: character: teresa lisbon, fandom: the mentalist, genre: angst, the penguin prompting party
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