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FIC: only so much (1/1); The Mentalist

Title: only so much
Disclaimer: Nope.
Rating: T
Summary: Jane realizes he can't save Lisbon from everything. Set after 3x08, Ball of Fire.
I wrote this shortly after 3x08 aired, but never actually published it.


He had lied long before this point; even before he knew his cell phone was missing, before the cattle prod had been pressed into his clothed chest, before the slightly decayed man had been rolled toward him, and even before Lisbon had come down the steps, Rachel behind her, gun aimed to kill; he knew he had lied long before that, but seeing her, here with him, handcuffed around the pole had forced him to realize that the promise that he made to her, the promise that he’d always be there to save her, was just a lie.

Of course, he could save her from management issues—Hightower had not only proven herself as a very worthy adversary, but also as a somewhat versatile pawn; if Hightower kept Lisbon happy, he wasn’t about to force her hand, but the moment the senior agent was fired, would be the very moment that he would do anything to get her back, even if that meant quitting the CBI, after all, it was sometimes his fault for her downfalls, and he had promised that he’d always be there to save her, but even the truth, as he had discovered, held many tiny fragments of lies.

No matter how many times he could learn how to use his new gun, and no matter how many times he could feel comfortable wielding it in the safety of his small attic space, he would never be able to protect Teresa Lisbon from every possible disaster because a gun could only do so much.

He could only do so much.

Tags: character: patrick jane, character: teresa lisbon, fandom: the mentalist, genre: angst
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