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Penguin Prompting Party: Day Twenty-Four

Title: Girl Like You
Rating: T
Word Count: 493
Summary: "It wouldn't matter what I was or who I am, as long as you would be the one investigating me." M/L.
Spoilers: Set during 4x01.
Prompt: "Girl Like You" by Edwyn Collins; Walter Mashburn/Teresa Lisbon
Written for: mrstunney


                “I didn’t picture our next meeting quite like this, Teresa.”

Walter Mashburn leaned forward within the uncomfortable hospital chair, and clasped her hand with his own. Lisbon shook her head slightly, but didn’t move to pull away from his soft grasp and she reclined back within her own hospital bed.

                “I didn’t exactly expect to be shot today either,” Lisbon informed him, with a grimace as he chuckled. “So, we’re even.”

                “I think we’re only even if I get shot too.” Mashburn quipped. “Do you think the hospital would let me share a room with you?”

Lisbon slightly raised her eyebrow. “You can’t be serious.”

                “You’re right,” he continued. “Maybe they’d even allow us to share a bed.”

                “What are you even doing here?” The question had actually been on her tongue from the very moment that he had walked into her hospital bedroom with a rather large bouquet of purple flowers held precariously in his clothed arms, and had sat them down on the nearly empty table near her bed. “I wasn’t aware anybody else knew I was here.”

                “Patrick called me—he said you had been shot, and probably was in need of some good company, considering he can’t rightly be here.” Mashburn explained. Lisbon briefly wondered if Jane had explained why he couldn’t be there, but she pushed the thought away in order to focus on the wide grin that had suddenly spread across the multi-billionaire’s face. “Did you shoot the person back?”

                “Why am I not surprised that you would ask such a question?”

                “It’s because you know me all so well.”

Lisbon shook her head again at the ridiculous idea, but answered him anyway. “No, I didn’t.”

                “What a bummer.” Mashburn replied with a frown etched across his face. “I’m sure you would have loved to shoot him.”

                “I’m a cop, Walter.” Lisbon reminded him. “I don’t like shooting people, period.” She shifted in her hospital bed again, before she continued. “Do you like being accused of murder?”

                “Absolutely not, Teresa.” He answered. “Although, it is fun to help out with all these murder investigations. I should really become a cop.”

Lisbon tried to imagine Mashburn as a cop, but the idea seemed completely ridiculous. Mashburn probably had no idea how to operate a gun, let alone listen to authority.

                “Or,” he added at her perplexed look. “I should really become a serial killer.”

Lisbon tried then to imagine Mashburn as a serial killer, and it didn’t take her very long to hope that he never tried that line of work; mainly because, he’d probably be extremely good at it.

                “All-in-all, Teresa.” He addressed her, as he moved closer and closer to her face while she blinked. “It wouldn’t matter what I was or who I was, as long as you would be the one investigating me.” Lisbon opened her mouth to respond, when he chose her moment of utter surprise to kiss her softly on the lips.

Tags: character: teresa lisbon, character: walter mashburn, fandom: the mentalist, genre: romance, pairing: lisbon/mashburn, penguin prompting party
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