February 22nd, 2012

Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)

FIC: Allegation (1/1); The Mentalist

Title: Allegation
Author: sirenofodysseus
Rating: T
Characters: Red John (Redford John), Teresa Lisbon (Teresa Jane), Patrick Jane, Craig O'Laughlin, Grace Van Pelt (Grace O'Laughlin), Wayne Rigsby, Kimball Cho, and Luther Wainwright. PJ/TL, RJ/TL, CO/GVP.
Summary: "We will either find you guilty of witchcraft, or we will find you innocent. You do not get a say."
Spoilers: Early season four.
Author's Note: Written for 15genres1prompt, and this is a historical/period piece. I honestly have no idea why I love the Salem Witch Trials as much as I do, but I had a lot of fun writing this!

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