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The Penguin Prompting Party: Day Seventeen

Title: After Hours
Rating: T
Word Count: 351
Spoilers: 4x10, Fugue in Red
Summary: "How do you do it?"
Prompt: if only I had known it, Grace Van Pelt/Teresa Lisbon (friendship).
Written for robothor1111, happy holidays friend! 


          “How do you do it?”
Teresa Lisbon glanced up from her paperwork to find Grace Van Pelt standing in the doorway of her office; the younger agent didn’t seem any worse for wear after the past forty-eight hours, but Lisbon still felt somewhat annoyed that her agent felt the need to burst into her office without knocking. She was already stressed out enough over the amnesiac Jane, that any additional stress did nothing good for her blood pressure.
            “How do I do what?”
            “Deal with Jane?”
Lisbon blinked in the direction of her subordinate. “If this is about the shrewd comment earlier, Jane is hitting on everything with two legs and a vagina.” Van Pelt stared at her as if she had suddenly grown a second head. “What?”
            “You took this entire amnesia thing in stride, Boss.” Van Pelt commented, before she repeated her earlier question. “How do you do it?”
Lisbon stared at Van Pelt. “Honestly?” The agent nodded. “I have no idea.”
            “What if you did have an idea?” Van Pelt asked, and Lisbon shrugged.
            “If I did have an idea, Jane would be chained to me right now.” Lisbon paused. “Or at least tied to his couch, because he would get way too much amusement out of being chained to me.”
Van Pelt chuckled.
            “Honestly boss, how do you deal with him from day-to-day?”
            “You have to be exposed to him in small doses.” Lisbon explained, all joking aside. “When you first started here, I didn’t send you out with him right away. I felt you needed to learn who and what Patrick Jane was first and then, I sent you both out onto the field.” Lisbon shook her head. “If only Minelli had known that little trick, I would probably be much better at resisting Jane’s asinine tricks.”
Van Pelt opened her mouth to respond, when Jane burst into the office.
            “I’ll be leaving now, boss.” Van Pelt stated. “Thanks for the advice.”
            “It was no problem, Van Pelt.” Lisbon answered, and Van Pelt left the small confined office, before Jane could hit on her again.


Tags: character: grace van pelt, character: patrick jane, character: teresa lisbon, fandom: the mentalist, genre: friendship, the penguin prompting party 2011
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